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Thank you so much for taking  this story on for the kids and the school.  Your article was beautifully  and fairly written.  I am so very grateful and never expected that it  would yield this level of discussion, but am thrilled that it has!  You  may have seen that WBZ and FX25 featured stories.  I was also able to  talk with Ted Panos on his show this morning and have been invited to  Dan Rae's Nightside show tomorrow evening from 8pm - 9pm.   

Again, a thank you from the parents and students.

Best regards,

Lisa McCarron

History shows

"The First Big Dig" talk by Anne O'Connor on July  24th at the Townsend Public Library was very interesting and informative  about the history of the Hoosac Tunnel in Western Mass.  Anne had a  wonderful presentation complete with historical pictures, statistics,  connections between Boston's Big Dig and the building of the Hoosac  Tunnel, and even a song.  I felt I learned so much about the lives lost,  the years to complete the tunnel, the major trials that had to be  hurtled, and even details about the plan to get through the hill.  In  the group that attended was a former Boston & Maine employee.  He  shared his experience and a book he and friends have just recently  written about working for the railroad.  An additional discussion with  all present added even more to the evening.  All in all, I really  enjoyed learning so much about the Hoosac Tunnel and what may be in it's  future.  Thank you Anne for a great program!

Kim King

Fitchburg: the old hometown

Yesterday in Florida,  I  finished reading your book, “FITCHBURG The Old Hometown”! Loved  it! Brought back a lot of memories! I remember walking to Immaculate  Conception Elementary school from the still standing blue two-decker  house on Kimball St where we lived. It was a long walk! Thank God, my  parents finally moved to a two-decker on Walnut St., just across the  street from the old Nuns Convent. It was a much shorter commute! 

Hirk Fortin